Writing interview questions for dissertation

In reference to Jay Zuniga’s comments about a company requiring a degree, my experience confirms what he says. I don’t have a degree, but I’m ex military, and I have much more experience, practical experience, than anyone will gain in a classroom, but I’ve been turned down or completely disqualified from a job, solely because I didn’t have a piece of paper from some college.
For further confirmation, I have years of hands-on IT experience, but not a degree. 5 years ago I was given the responsibility of creating the IT dept for our company. I managed everything – PCs, servers, cell phones, aircards, data center… I was recently laid-off so I could be replaced with a person who has a degree. This person is being paid more than I was, has less IT experience than I do, and he doesn’t even have a degree in anything IT related. I can’t express how happy I am to be away from that type of mentality – “if you don’t have a degree you must be stupid & unqualified.”

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Writing interview questions for dissertation

writing interview questions for dissertation


writing interview questions for dissertationwriting interview questions for dissertationwriting interview questions for dissertationwriting interview questions for dissertation