Westfall essays on the trial of galileo

This method is consistent, time-consuming, more costly, and involves more efforts. If cost and operational hassles are not the vital factors to be considered, field experiments are the ones that the researcher should always opt for. Further, Boyd et al have confirmed that laboratory experiments yield much similar results to those produced by field experiments but not similar to those produced by descriptive studied Problems can also be studied by non-experimental methods; researchers would have to take care while using them because their results may not be very much useful or reliable.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3145 is contained in a pair of standard humanoid containment chambers in Site-22. Each chamber is equipped with a double airlock. Personnel entering either chamber must not carry any written narratives.
Do not let him out.
Included in the primary chamber is a monitor and keyboard connected to an external computer housed in the secondary chamber. Said computer should have no intranet or internet connections. A full copy of all non-critical SCP object documents from the Foundation Object Database is to be maintained on the external computer, and refreshed and updated weekly via USB drive. Documents modified by SCP-3145 should be stored for review by the on-site psychologist.
He deserves nothing but suffering.
Description: SCP-3145 cannot be described. Individuals interacting with SCP-3145 are unable to provide any details about its identity to third parties, even with application of mnestics. All that is known about SCP-3145 is that it is an entity not much larger than an average human, that it is sapient and capable of speech, and that the designation "SCP-3145" can be used to identify it. It is not certain whether SCP-3145 has a physical form, though there does seem to be a movable locus from which its effects originate, with a maximum range limited by what a human with 20/20 vision would be able to easily see from that location.
He is nothing.
SCP-3145 has the ability to permanently alter written narratives by replacing one of the characters, typically the main character, with itself. According to SCP-3145, it lives out the events depicted in these narratives while altering them, and this act gives it a sense of identity that it otherwise lacks. The veracity of this statement cannot be ascertained, as SCP-3145 has been known to feign muteness when it does not wish to interact with personnel, and its presence within its containment chamber generally cannot be fully known. It is only possible to ascertain whether or not SCP-3145 is currently 'inhabiting' a text by observing the alterations as they occur; at no time has it communicated verbally with personnel while altering text.
Do you have any idea what he made me do?
SCP-3145 shows a preference for shorter narratives, stating that novel-length narratives are much more tiring to alter fully. SCP-3145 is able to alter both digital and printed texts, but claims the process is easiest when provided digital text and a keyboard. Despite this, manipulation of keys by SCP-3145 has never been observed.
I was something, but he took that from me.
Currently, SCP-3145 is being treated for depression and a unique disorder involving severe amnesia in relation to its origins and identity. Allowing SCP-3145 access to narratives for alteration has been shown to improve its mood, though the positive effect has lessened during the course of its containment. Though it is believed emotional instability makes SCP-3145 more tractable, psychological treatment is ongoing. To date, no escape attempt by SCP-3145 has been successful.
He turned me inside out.
Discovery: SCP-3145 was first encountered on 04/02/2017 after changes had been observed in the documentation for numerous Keter-class objects, necessitating restoration from database backup. SCP-3145 was first contacted while altering the text of SCP-173 , initially by typing in the document, and later through verbal communication, at which point it was convinced of the necessity for keeping the Foundation's database secure and agreed to be contained in exchange for further access to object documentation.
He made me betray the one thing that made me who I was.
Addendum: Interview 3145-15
I just wanted to have a purpose.

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Westfall essays on the trial of galileo

westfall essays on the trial of galileo


westfall essays on the trial of galileowestfall essays on the trial of galileowestfall essays on the trial of galileowestfall essays on the trial of galileo