The cons of capital punishment essay

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3) Devastation of Earth and Scenery Near Coal Mines – Open Cast Mining of Coal has resulted in destruction of the habitat and destruction of the scenery. It leads to removal of trees and pollution of air and water in areas surrounding the mines. Coal Mine Fires have burned for hundreds of year underground and make living in those areas hazardous. Those burning underground can be difficult to locate and many cannot be extinguished. Fires can cause the ground above to subside, their combustion gases are dangerous to life, and breaking out to the surface can initiate surface fires as well.

A weaker core community.  It's more difficult to get franchisees as opposed to hired store managers to work together. Franchisees have an incentive to profit from each other's efforts to generate business. For instance, your franchisees might try to get out of paying for the advertising needed to attract customers, figuring they will get the customers anyway if other franchisees buy the advertising. Of course, if all of them do the same thing, you end up with no customers because you've got no advertising. There are ways of minimizing franchisee free riding, of course, but those cost money and require enforcing your franchisee contracts in court.

The cons of capital punishment essay

the cons of capital punishment essay


the cons of capital punishment essaythe cons of capital punishment essaythe cons of capital punishment essaythe cons of capital punishment essay