Should boxing be banned argumentative essay

Females have smaller hands and smaller wrists so there’s a strong preference for gloves with a tighter fit (rather than cushioning). Inside a bigger glove designed for men, their hands would be floating around with less wrist support and/or they wouldn’t be able to make a fist as easily. It should come as no surprise that many of the smaller-fit and less padded puncher’s gloves and Asian brands are ranking highly as women’s favorites. Generally speaking: I recommend 14oz for women since their hands are smaller, their upper body is not as strong as a man’s, they don’t hit as hard, and do not require as much protection. Bigger females (170lb & up) will spar in 16oz. For bagwork, many women do prefer to train in lighter gloves, like 12oz.

I don’t believe it should be banned, nobody is forced to compete it’s a choice they make realizing the risk, for an example it’s a proven fact that boxing is and always will be a refuge for the under privileged, the soul reason the sport exists is down to public intrigue, there will always be a fascination in public circles as to who is the greatest fighter. Queensbury rules will always be the greatest combat sport, unarmed combat, best man wins, people focus far to much on the negative story in boxing such as the rare time a fighter is Injured, people who no very little about boxing zoning in on tragic moments when fighters were Injured to make a point of banning boxing, go look at a fight and see the respect embraced after fighters have done battle, stop believing hype, I could argue Floyd Mayweather jnr earned hundreds of millions boxing and never suffered serious damage in a 49 fight career, the sport has saved so many men who death or jail was inevitable, boxing is a sport that gives a way out to kids that could never make it any other field, it’s the only sport were the working class and the Parish priest can converse over left jabs and right crosses and who was the greatest fighter.

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Should boxing be banned argumentative essay

should boxing be banned argumentative essay


should boxing be banned argumentative essayshould boxing be banned argumentative essayshould boxing be banned argumentative essayshould boxing be banned argumentative essay