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Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian are sent out by Queen Victoria to investigate the disappearances of children that seem to coincide with the presence of the Noah's Ark Circus . [78] They attend a show, and Sebastian is invited onstage. However, Sebastian becomes too captivated with Betty the Tiger, who bites his head, causing Joker , Beast and the audience to panic . [79] After the show, Joker approaches him and takes him to see Doctor to ascertain his condition. [80] While there, he learns that many of the performers have prosthetic limbs, and he examines Beast's leg with interest. [81] Beast, however, accuses him of being perverse and Dagger attacks him to defend his "sister's" honor. [82] Due to his skill in evading the attacks, he impresses Joker and receives an invitation to join the circus. [83] Sebastian agrees and brings Ciel to take the entrance test the following day; Ciel is able to pass with Sebastian's assistance. [84] Joker then takes them on a tour of the tents and points out which ones are off-limits because they are exclusive to the first-string members . [85] Afterwards, Sebastian tells Ciel that the children are not present and suggests they inspect the first-string members' tents that are protected by Snake 's poisonous snakes. [86] They work on assimilating with the rest of the members while waiting for an opportunity to investigate further. They are given stage names, with Sebastian's name being Black (ブラック, Burakku ). [87] While in the practice tent, they discover that the Grim Reaper , William T. Spears , is also present, under the name Suit . [88] They agree to not interfere with each other; however, this is made more difficult by William's assignment as Sebastian's roommate. [89] [90] William prevents Sebastian from investigating further while the circus members are sleeping because he has issues with Sebastian's nature of consuming souls. [91]

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Sebastian young do my homework

sebastian young do my homework


sebastian young do my homeworksebastian young do my homeworksebastian young do my homeworksebastian young do my homework