Project team dynamics

Challenge Mapping is a highly practical technique, which has been developed using the widely acclaimed approach known as Systems Thinking. This approach has uncovered the universal underlying principles that are responsible for the way people collaborate in organisations. For this reason, Challenge Mapping provides the basis for integrating a number of separate areas of management including: Transformational Leadership, Team Building, Organisational Change and Performance Improvement to name but a few. It also highlights the common threads that connect the numerous different initiatives such as Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement and Customer Relationship Management etc.

It is the company’s objective to either provide full owner’s team services, supplement or complement existing project or business teams and to use a synergistic approach to ensure due diligence and constructive challenge are applied to project development. The company prides itself in having decades of experience in key areas of project development, project management, risk profiling and project delivery. The company has a very clear understanding of the necessary checks and tollgates that first must be attained to allow projects to proceed through the development path. It values the importance of a clinical approach to building up a business case which not only reaches Financial Close (or Final Investment Decision) but also gives the Execution Team the best possible chance of realising the targetted outcomes that the investment decision was based upon.

Project team dynamics

project team dynamics


project team dynamicsproject team dynamicsproject team dynamicsproject team dynamics