Photo essay calendar unicef 2007

Often, the Cartiers open their tours with a Beaufort story that explains where the name of their company came from. (Although they do lead culinary tours, there’s a little more to it than that.) Hanging in their welcome center is a copy of a 1713 map of Beaufort, inscribed with “Hungry Town.” Why? Because the young town, having been established just four years before, was “hungry” for settlers. More than three centuries later, there’s always room for one more person to stroll — or pedal — along the waterfront, catch a breathtaking view of the sun setting over boats in the harbor, and fall in love.

Most Tuesday evenings during the summer at Chester Bowl in Duluth are musical, vibrant and dynamic because of the Chester Creek concert series taking place at the park. This is the 35th year of concerts by local musicians bringing families, groups of friends and even neighborhood dogs to enjoy warm evenings while listening to live music. About 750 people attended the free performance by the Pot Bellied Stallions on Tuesday, according to Dave Schaeffer, executive director of the Chester Bowl Improvement Club. Schaeffer believes this might be one of the larger crowds of the season, with most shows topping out at 500 people. Don't worry, there is plenty of time to catch a free performance at Chester Bowl this summer. There are eight shows left in the series starting with the Fish Heads at 7 . on June 27. Check to see this season's lineup.

Photo essay calendar unicef 2007

photo essay calendar unicef 2007


photo essay calendar unicef 2007photo essay calendar unicef 2007photo essay calendar unicef 2007photo essay calendar unicef 2007