Movie book comparison essay

There's also the matter of the film's length to consider. While it's been confirmed that the first of two IT movies will run for over two hours, that's still a relatively short amount of time to explore all of the intricacies of the novel. It's far more likely that racism will be touched upon without becoming the focus and that the offensive language graded by the MPAA will revolve more around the curse words shared amongst the teenage Losers' Club. Hollywood movies rarely explore racial tension in any hard-hitting way, afraid that they may deter wider audiences.

Annihilation  will be all the more unusual an addition to the larger sci-fi film genre for a much simpler reason altogether: its primary characters are pretty much entirely female. Joining Portman in the movie adaptation are Jane the Virgin herself, Gina Rodriguez, as well as fast-rising star Tessa Thompson (no stranger to mind-bending sci-fi herself, following  Westworld ), Jennifer Jason Leigh ( The Hateful Eight ) and Sonoya Mizuno (who played Kyoko in Ex Machina ). Coupled with VanderMeer’s own comments, the cast for Annihilation alone gives fans of Garland’s previous work all the more reason to be excited about what he’s cooking up next.

Movie book comparison essay

movie book comparison essay


movie book comparison essaymovie book comparison essaymovie book comparison essaymovie book comparison essay