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The Irish War of Independence in effect began on the day that the First Dáil convened, 21 January 1919. On that date, an ambush party of IRA volunteers from the 3rd Tipperary Brigade including Séamus Robinson , Dan Breen , Seán Treacy and Seán Hogan , attacked a pair of Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) men who were escorting a consignment of gelignite to a quarry in Soloheadbeg , County Tipperary . The two policemen were shot dead during the engagement. This ambush is considered the first action in the Irish War of Independence. [33] The engagement had no advance authorisation from the nascent government. However, Collins in Dáil discussion of the incident implicitly accepted responsibility on behalf of the IRB. The legislature's support for the armed struggle soon after became official. [26] [34]

About: Aisling O’ Beirn is an artist based in Belfast whose current sculptural work is concerned with exploring space as a physical structure and a political entity by making and animating forms relating to observed and theoretical structures being studied by contemporary astronomers and physicists. Projects have investigated ideas around entropy order, disorder and balance and how laypersons try to understand scientific and mathematical ideas.  Recent work has been facilitated by Armagh Observatory and Dunsink Observatory.  O'Beirne has exhibited nationally and internationally. She was included in Northern Ireland’s first participation in the 51st Venice Biennale. Her work manifests variously as sculpture, installation, animation and site-specific projects.

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Michael ian black essays

michael ian black essays


michael ian black essaysmichael ian black essaysmichael ian black essaysmichael ian black essays