Homework helper roman numerals

Hi Andrea,
why are you bringing in this aggressive tone in discriminating against Will (‘none of your arguments has any spiritual fruit’ and you even threaten him with a possible curse by Jesus (the fig tree parable)?
Did you notice how empathetic Marg (the one originally addressed by Will) reacted on Will’s criticism? Much more pleasent than your harsh reaction…
I personally don’t agree with some of Will’s simplistic views, but to be fair to the texts of the Bible, one has to admit that there are a number of critical passages on women, especially in Paul’s letters (Eve was created in second place but deceived first, women can kind a ‘redeem’ themselves by raising children, they are not to teach in public…)
(I know that Jesus obviously has a much more possitive view on women…)
We might not like those passages and we always have to ask ourselves how much they still apply for us today, but we can’t deny that they are written in the Bible…
By the way: as I understand Gen 1-3, the main emphasis of the writter/s is that Eve was created f o r Adam and not the other way round.
Of course, only together they’re complete and created into God’s image (Gen 1).

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Homework helper roman numerals

homework helper roman numerals


homework helper roman numeralshomework helper roman numeralshomework helper roman numeralshomework helper roman numerals