Hippolytus essay questions

Roman Pagan Religion : Attis was a son of the virgin Nana . His birth was celebrated on DEC-25. He was sacrificed as an adult in order to bring salvation to mankind. He died about MAR-25, after being crucified on a tree, and descended for three days into the underworld. On Sunday, he arose, as the solar deity for the new season . His followers tied an image of Attis to a tree on " Black Friday, " and carried him in a procession to the temple. ["Black Friday" has a very different meaning today.] His body was symbolically eaten by his followers in the form of bread. Worship of Attis began in Rome circa 200 BCE . 1

Saturnalia was a Roman seven-day celebration starting each DEC-17. It was "... marked by unrestrained revelry and often licentiousness; an orgy." 2

Although it is now regarded as nothing more than a pseudoscience, in its day phrenology was one of the most popular and well-studied branches of neuroscience. In short, proponents of phrenology believed that individual character traits, whether intelligence, aggression, or an ear for music, could all be localized to very specific parts of the brain. According to phrenologists, the larger each one of these parts of a person’s brain was, the more likely they were to behave in a certain way. With this in mind, practitioners would often study the size and shape of subjects’ heads in order to determine what kind of personality they might have. Detailed maps of the supposed 27 different areas of the brain were created, and a person who had a particularly large bump on their skull in the area for, say, the sense of colors, would be assumed to have a proclivity for painting.

Hippolytus essay questions

hippolytus essay questions


hippolytus essay questionshippolytus essay questionshippolytus essay questionshippolytus essay questions