Essay on housewife

Here, as with Don’s false identity and (literally) meretricious mother, Mad Men keeps telling you what to think instead of letting you think for yourself. As I watched the first season, the characters and their milieu were so unrelentingly repellent that I kept wondering whether the writers had been trying, unsuccessfully, for a kind of camp—for a tartly tongue-in-cheek send-up of Sixties attitudes. (I found myself wishing that the creators of Glee had gotten a stab at this material.) But the creators of Mad Men are in deadly earnest. It’s as if these forty- and thirty-somethings can’t quite believe how bad people were back then, and can’t resist the impulse to keep showing you.

I wonder if you are interested in being part of a start-up in Boston that deals with woman’s issues. I am working with doctors affiliated with Harvard and Tufts, and a seasoned entrepreneur from DC to create a social search engine (collaborative filter) that will enable women to find the right obstetric care on the factors they care about because better patient-physician relationships equal better patient outcomes. We have several VCs who are “very interested” and we need a tech co-founder to round out our team. Someone who is skilled in web development, algorithm creation, and gathering and managing data. We are in pre-funding and can offer co-founder equity when it does launch. I was wondering if you fit the bill/were interested or knew of someone who might.

Essay on housewife

essay on housewife


essay on housewifeessay on housewifeessay on housewife