Bouncy ball experiment essay

*Note: The first time we did this experiment we followed Anne Marie Helmenstine’s instructions on here . We were disappointed that 1) clear glue did not make a translucent bouncy ball and 2) the ball wasn’t that bouncy. So, we modified the experiment a few times until we got a Super Bouncy Ball . The ingredients listed below are from the original recipe, but we encourage you to try our version, which reduces the cornstarch to 1/2 tablespoon , adds the food coloring to the second cup instead of the first cup, and mixes the second cup’s ingredients first before adding the borax solution from the first cup.

Another weakness of my investigation was the air resistance. This made my data less precise since the experiment we conducted was out side of a closed environment the air resistance was not the same at all times cause sometimes there would be is the wind and sometimes there would be no wind at all. If there was more wind there would be a lower bonce height and vice versa. In the future I could minimize this problem by conducting the experiment indoors and I would turn off the air condition to minimize it even more thus there will always be air resistance in the room but it will be the same so it wont mater that much.

Bouncy ball experiment essay

bouncy ball experiment essay


bouncy ball experiment essaybouncy ball experiment essaybouncy ball experiment essaybouncy ball experiment essay